This is How You Bring Student Ownership to Life

Two weeks ago, I took a BuzzFeed quiz titled How Embarrassing Are You? I didn’t think much of it, but figured that it would be a good way to unwind from my day-to-day routine. The rules of the quiz were simple: Check off everything you’ve suffered through before. As I began to check things off the list, I noticed myself becoming more and more invested in completing the quiz.

The kind of engagement that BuzzFeed allows its users to have is amazing!So amazing that I began to think of a way to implement the same idea into the work that I do. You see, I work for Sown to Grow (STG), an edtech company that focuses on growth-oriented learners. Our team constantly thinks about ways to create a better user experience. However, given the large variation and complexity that surrounds the world of education, crafting a design that can meet the needs of every teacher and student can, at times, be tricky.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.03.16 PM.jpgDuring one of our weekly meetings, we noticed that some teachers were having trouble figuring out the best way to incorporate STG into their classrooms. We thought: Teachers are busy people, but what can we possibly create that is fun and easy to do? As we were discussing this, my mind kept going back to the BuzzFeed quiz. What if we created a quiz that was designed to give teachers a better understanding of how to incorporate our tool into their classroom.

In an attempt to help bridge this gap, my team and I decided to craft a quiz that would essentially match teachers with someone who shares their teaching practice. After some discussions and a few runs of trial and error, the team came up with a short seven-question quiz. Moving forward, we hope that this quiz will make it easier for teachers to incorporate STG into their classrooms to help cultivate better more confident learners.

Click on the link to take the quiz! Share this article with your educator friends.

Malary Romero is the Community Outreach Manager at Sown to Grow. She enjoys long bike rides, singing Spanish music and traveling. You can find her on Twitter @MalaryRomero or on LinkedIn.


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